About Us


Filakia is one of those delightful Greek words that everyone should know. Directly translated it means "little kisses". 

"Filakia" is one of the first languages of love that our babies understand. It is an early symbol of unconditional love, and an intimate expression of the bond between a parent and their child.

With our wide range of simply designed baby items, we hope to convey the same love and tenderness expressed by Filakia. 

Our heritage may be Greek, but we are also proudly South African. We source locally-made products, and collaborate with local businesses and individuals. In doing so, we hope to help grow our local economy while passionately bringing you unique products that add value to your parenting journey. 

Whether you are looking for something for your own child, or gifting to a loved one, we hope that you will give the gift of ‘Filakia’... and that you receive "little kisses" in return!